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The Perfect Cozy Winter Oatmeal

Cozy Winter Oatmeal

Runamok Maple Syrup provided me with press samples. All opinions are my own I’m a big breakfast girl. If I could eat breakfast for every meal of the day, I absolutely would. I love my an egg sandwich, some french toast, a yogurt parfait and a classic … oatmeal. I know a lot of people […] Read more…

Small Business Gift Guide

Small Business Gift Guide

I have received press samples from Inner Divine, Sailormade, Fox & Bear and Seacoast Sweets over the past year. All opinions are my own I know I missed #ShopSmall and #SmallBusinessSaturday but I still want to share the small business love this holiday season. If, like me, you like to local makers, then this small […] Read more…

My First Skydiving Experience

My First Skydiving Experience

All photos and video were taken by and purchased from Skydive Danielson Back in October I went skydiving for the first time every and it was effing AMAZING. My first skydiving experience was so freeing and I can not wait to jump out of a perfectly good plane again. I have been telling anyone who […] Read more…

Three Reasons why October was the Best Month Ever

Iceland Travel Guide

Hello, friends. This October, while not yet complete, was the best month ever. That might be a bold assertion as earlier months brought me to Newport, Barbados, Barcelona, Capri and more, but I stand by it. I packed in so many lifetime memories into this month, and they can’t be beat. November has a lot […] Read more…

How to Harness Sentiment to Boost your Savings

Capital One Banking Reimagined

This post is sponsored by Capital One. All opinions are my own and were not directed by Capital One. To learn more, visit It might be hard to tell from my love of sarcasm and propensity for non-lady like vocabulary, but I’m a relatively emotional and sentimental person. I still have the first gift […] Read more…

Why I #ShareMySave


This post is a paid sponsored by Capital One. All opinions are my own and were not directed by Capital One. To learn more, visit  Everyone has a different motivation to save. Some are saving for school, others for their family’s future and others for a home. And while I’m casually saving for the […] Read more…

My Favorite Healthy Fall Snack

healthy fall snacks

I’m that creep who wants summer weather to beat it so autumnal days can take over. Why, you ask? Since I’m a basic bitch, loving fall is mandated by law. I also love cozy oversized sweaters and all the fall treats. See, all basic bitch reasons. And while I love a good apple cider donut, […] Read more…

A Few Wellness Milestones

Wellness Milestones

If you’ve been reading this here blog in 2017, you might know I’m on a journey (doesn’t that sound fancy) to get back to a weight at which I’m more comfortable before I turn 30 in April 2018. At that point I mentioned wanting to lose 10 pounds to get to that place. Weellll I […] Read more…

What You Need for the Perfect Brunch Picnic

Brunch Picnic with Itz Spritz

This post is sponsored by Itz Spritz. All opinions are my own Two things that people love but never seem to put together? Brunch and picnics. Why is this not already a bigger thing? Or maybe it is and I’m just too unhip to know. Only time will tell. Regardless of whether or not it’s […] Read more…

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