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Travel Gift Guide for Her

holiday 2016 travel gift guide for her

This post contains affiliate links I know, I know. How dare I share my first gift guide of the year so early?! Here’s how I dare — I’ve already started my shopping (for others and myself) and I think everyone should too. If you’re done shopping before Thanksgiving, you can just enjoy the holiday festivities […] Read more…

What to Wear on a Red-Eye Flight

What to Wear on a Red-Eye Flight

Affiliate links are used in this post Hello from the UK, you beautiful butterflies. To get here, I had to take a red-eye flight, hence why I’m writing this post on what to wear on a red-eye flight. The key to a red-eye is wearing something comfortable but still stylish. This allows you to hit […] Read more…

Eight In-flight Necessities

eight In-flight necessities

When I travel, I only bring carry-on bags. No checked baggage for me, please and thank you. But every once in a while I’ll be forced to check my bag if there is no overhead luggage space left. When that happens, I make sure I always have these eight in-flight necessities. Before you ask, this list […] Read more…

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