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36 Hours in Split, Croatia

two weeks in europe

After our two-hour road trip up the Croatian coast, we arrived in Split. We could tell from the highway that Split was going to be a completely different experience than Dubrovnik. We knew that it was a much bigger city, but we weren’t prepared for just how tall some of the buildings would be. June 28th – […] Read more…

36 Hours in Dubrovnik, Croatia

36 hours in Dubrovnik

Fair warning – this is going to be a very long post. The first stop in our whirlwind two weeks in Europe was 36 hours Dubrovnik, Croatia. We left Boston at 7PM EST on June 25th and arrived in Dubrovnik at 2PM CEST on the 26th after a brief layover in Paris. June 26th – 2PM CEST […] Read more…

Two Weeks in Europe

two weeks in europe

This Summer my boo (that’s hip code for boyfriend) and I spent two weeks touring around Europe. Oh yea … and my sister joined us for the second week. #thegangsallhere. Needless to say, the trip was AMAZING and I didn’t want to come home to America or the real world. Work? No thanks! But alas, all […] Read more…

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