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Behind the Boston Blog: B~Loved Boston

B~Loved Boston

Happy Monday, you beautiful little radiant gems. To start your week on a bright note, I would like to introduce you to a fellow Boston blogger –Biana Perez of B~Loved Boston. I met Biana through Tess, and I’m so glad she introduced us. Biana is such a sweet woman and her posts are always so […] Read more…

Behind the Boston Blog: Spoons and Stilettos

spoons and stilettos

Hello you lovelies! I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving full of food, family/friends, fun and maybe some shopping if you’re into that sort of thing.I’m back at it with another Behind the Boston Blog post. Today, I’m introducing you to my favorite Agnes of Spoons and Stilettos. Agnes is my blogging BFF. We met […] Read more…

Behind the Boston Blog: Style Wire

style wire

Guess who’s back, back again. It’s the Behind the Boston Blog series, that’s who! This time it’s back with a Q&A with the fabulous Elissa Garza of Style Wire. Elissa is easily the friendliest, most well-known blogger on the Boston scene. Seriously, everyone knows her! She’s always so chatty and welcoming to bloggers old and […] Read more…

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