About Kristin

Hello, you beautiful gems. As you might have gathered from the blog title, I’m Kristin. So you want to know about me, you say? Here are some tidbits about my life that help explain who I am and how I got this way:

I’m the second oldest of seven children and moved around a fair bit growing up. I have lived in 11 different houses/apartments, five states and two countries in my 30+ years. Growing up, I was a competitive gymnast and climbed trees because I love them and to escape my siblings.

I studied Advertising at Boston University for four years and have been living in the Greater Boston area since 2006 (the longest I’ve lived anywhere in my life). I work in tech marketing during the day and run this wee blog at night.

About It’s Kristin

It’s Kristin is a personal lifestyle blog written by, you guessed it, Kristin. From beauty and style to wellness, Boston and travel, It’s Kristin shares a look into my goings-on. My hope is that the content I share can help you in some aspect of your life … or at least give you a good laugh or two.

I promise to you that It’s Kristin will be as honest and un-photoshopped as possible (I’m horrible at Photoshop, which helps), and I guarantee that I won’t write anything I don’t believe. I hate twee-ness (a totally legitimate word) so not everything on It’s Kristin will be fabulous and perfect and whimsical. I didn’t earn the nickname “Sassy Bassy” for nothing. Sometimes life is a total bitch, and I think it’s important not to gloss over those parts. #balance.

I do work with brands that I love from time-to-time, so if you have any questions about how those partnerships work, you can check out my disclosure policy here or shoot me an email. But as I mentioned before, I stand behind everything I write on It’s Kristin … even if I write it after drinking the one glass of wine it takes me to get buzzed.