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Floral Jumpsuit and Leopard Heels

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The title of this post is pretty self explanatory. I’m wearing a floral jumpsuit and leopard heels. Bam, blog post done. Power clashing like a pro, which is my fave thing to do.

Floral jumpsuit Floral jumpsuit Floral jumpsuit

Jumpsuit LOFT (similar) | Jacket Old Navy (similar) | Shoes Sam Edelman (similar)

Watch Olivia Burton (similar) | Bracelet Sailormade

To be honest, I am a bit unsure about this jumpsuit after this photoshoot. I feel really confident and comfortable when wearing this jumpsuit, but from the photos I feel like it’s not the MOST figure flattering thing I own. Buuuutttt that could also just be me being a bit uncomfortable with my body. That seems like a massive conversation on it’s own, so I’ll leave it be for now. I think I’m going to let how I feel in the jumpsuit win out over how I think I look in it in a photo.

Floral jumpsuitFloral jumpsuit Floral jumpsuit

Back to the positives of this jumpsuit. 1) It’s super adorable. 2) It’s super comfortable. 3) It’s super easy to wear and style. The only downside is it requires me to wear a strapless bra, which I hate, but sometimes a girl just has to sacrifice for fashion. Of course, I found out as I’m writing this that it’s sold out, but fingers crossed it comes back in stock. And on that super positive note, I’m ending this post.


Five Ways to Bring Summer to the Winter Months

This post contains affiliate links. Sailormade provided me with a complimentary bracelet. All opinions are my own

Granted, it’s unseasonably warm in New England right now, but I sadly know in my heart that the cold weather will be back as we round out the final winter months. While I get really excited to sport my favorite coats, hats and gloves in November and December, by this time of the year I’m ready for some beachy vibes.

And since I can’t reasonably lay out and sunbathe in 30-degree weather, I have five other tricks to bring summer to the winter months.

mango salsa recipe

1. Prepare your favorite warm-weather dish

If it’s too cold to head outside for dinner, what better way to pretend it’s summer than with your favorite warm-weather dish? My go-to is my easy mango salsa recipe, which you might remember from this past summer. Now I just need to wait for the day when I can eat this outside on the beach.

Bring Summer to the Winter Months

2. Paint your nails a summer shade

When you’re miserable at your desk in the middle of the winter, looking down at bright, vibrant will take you away to the beach. Maybe. Hopefully. Also maybe not, but at least you’ll have fun nails while everyone else has deep, wintery colors.

Bring Summer to Winter Bring Summer to Winter

3. Wear something that reminds you of the beach

I’m not sure of you, but to me summer means spending time on the beach. Just because I’m not lounging in my bikini doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy to beach in another way. I love pairing my Sailormade Endeavor Leather Bracelet with literally anything. When I’m getting bummed out about the bitter cold, I just glance down at my wrist and am immediately taken away to the beach. I’m also eyeing the Reef Ring and might have to scoop it up after my shopping ban ends.

4. Give yourself an at-home bronze

When the winter weather and lack of sun exposure leaves me paler than normal … if that’s even possible … I reach for an at-home tanner. I have been loving the St. Tropez bronzing mousse recently; it gives me a subtle glow without making me look like an oompaloompa

Bring Summer to the Winter Months

5. Put on a bright lip color

Granted, I wear my hot pink lipsticks year-round, but there is something so summery about popping on a bright shade. My all-time favorite bright lip color is MAC Girl About Town


Allbirds Sneakers and a Baseball Cap

This post contains affiliate links

I’m a big casual dresser, if you haven’t figured that out yet. And since I work in a very casual environment, there really is not much of a line between work wear and weekend wear. And just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean you’ll find me in sweats or yoga pants while out running errands. I’m believe that you can be both casual and chic, which means I’m big on stylish jackets and trendy shoes (like these Allbirds sneakers) paired with jeans and comfortable tops.

Allbirds Sneakers and a Baseball Cap Allbirds Sneakers and a Baseball Cap

Jacket Lucky Brand | Blouse TJMaxx (similar) | Jeans Target

Sneakers Allbirds (similar) | Hat BCBG | Glasses Warby Parker

Watch Kate Spade | Bracelet c/o SailorMade | Scarf Zara (similar)

I treated myself to these grey Allbirds sneakers before Christmas and I’m so glad I did. They’re made from wool, which means I can go sock-less without killing everyone’s noses. In addition to being comfortable, they’re also stylish and seem to pair with everything in my closet. Costing less than $100, they can’t be beat and I might treat myself to another pair sometime this year. Only time will tell.

Allbirds Sneakers and a Baseball Cap Allbirds Sneakers and a Baseball Cap

The moto jacket … can we have a moment of silence for this piece of beauty. It’s actually a controversial item in our household. My boyfriend hates it but it always makes me feel fabulous, so he just has to deal. It goes with everything and makes me look like the badass I am most definitely not. Topping my outfit off with a baseball cap allows me to skip washing or styling my hair on the weekends, which is always a must.

Allbirds Sneakers and a Baseball Cap Allbirds Sneakers and a Baseball Cap

And before we go, I was wondering if you noticed anything different about me. Yep, this is the first post in which I’m wearing my fancy Warby Parkers. I’m a (very little) bit near sighted, so I use that as an opportunity to wear the Durands whenever I think they work with my outfit. Yes, I know, that’s absurd. It’s just the life I live.

Allbirds Sneakers and a Baseball Cap Allbirds Sneakers and a Baseball Cap

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