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City Guide: 24 Hours in Newport, Rhode Island

Verizon loaned me with a Google Pixel XL for my travels. Lark Hotels provided me with a complimentary overnight stay. All opinions are my own

Hello, friends! My blogging BFF and I had the most lovely girls’ weekend in Newport, Rhode Island this past weekend and I’ve come out with a new city guide. In addition to being jazzed about some girl time, I was also excited to travel with the Google Pixel XL I had on loan from Verizon. The Pixel Xl is the perfect phone for traveling – it has a long-lasting battery, which is perfect for long days out exploring, and a high-quality camera, which means you don’t have to lug around a separate camera.

All of the photos in this post and video footage in my travel vlog (watch it here) were taken on the Pixel and I’m seriously impressed. I was able to travel and take Instagramable photos without needing to lug around my Canon DSLR. Plus, all of the photos automatically sync to my Google Drive/Photos, which makes backup majorly easy.

Newport City GuideNewport City Guide

Where to Stay

The Attwaterhere – A Lark Hotels property, The Attwater is a gorgeous place for your trip to Newport. The hotel has loads of natural light and the most amazingly beautiful rooms. Bright and colorful, the decor is perfect for a beach-town stay. As always with Lark, the staff was absolutely lovely and they serve small plates for breakfast, which is an absolute added perk. While not right on the water, it’s only a five-minute walk. Close to the action but removed enough from the hustle and bustle if you want a bit of quiet. You can read a full recap of our stay here.

Newport City Guide Newport City Guide

Where to Eat and Drink
  • Diego’s – This is the perfect spot for lunch. The guacamole was fresh and the fish tacos were so filling. We also got the pork belly tacos, and they were equally delicious. Plus, the portion sizes are generous, which is the way it should always be.
  • Midtown Oyster Bar – Midtown Oyster Bar is a cozy spot for drinks and dinner. We weren’t the only ones who got the memo about this spot – it was absolutely bustling and we weren’t able to get a table until 8PM but were lucky enough to find two spots at the bar before our meal.
  • Wharf Pub – So we didn’t go here during our trip, but I have been here before. It has tasty gastropubby American food, which is always delicious.
Newport City Guide Newport City Guide

Where to Shop
  • Shore Soap Co. – This is a charming little store with handmade soaps, lotions and more. There were a few things I had to restrain myself from purchasing since I’m on a shopping ban, but I will be back one day!
  • Farmaesthetics – This is the most charming beauty store– it made me want to soak in a luxurious bath. Sadly I lacked a bath and the ability to purchase anything, but I already own and love their Blemish Tincture.
  • Portobello Jewelers – We stopped in here while walking along Thames St. The two woman working were very friendly and we loved looking at both the modern and vintage jewels.
  •  Michael Hayes – Agnes and I wanted to purchase so many pieces of clothing in here. We found the most gorgeous burgundy leather jacket but sadly both left empty handed. Damn you, shopping ban!
  • Thames St and Bellevue Ave – Just walk down both roads and you’ll have more shopping options than you need!
Newport City Guide

What to Do and See
  • Newport Mansions – We toured The Breakers and dear god was it amazing. I can’t believe it was a family’s nome — it could fit a small village. I wish we had time to visit all of them, but if you’re short on time, stop by The Breakers.
  • Ocean Drive – What’s more fun than looking at a bunch of beach-side mansions you could never afford? Nothing!
  • Cliff Walk – After driving for 10 miles, get out and stretch your legs during a stroll along the Cliff Walk.

Rumor Has It

We didn’t have time to check out everything, so here are recommendations from other peeps.


City Guide: 24 Hours in Salem, Massachusetts

Lark Hotels provided me with a complimentary overnight stay. All opinions are my own

My sister came to visit last week, and in addition to exploring Boston, we headed up to the north shore for 24 hours in Salem. Our day in Salem was magical. Sorry, I had to. Now that we have the horrible puns out of the way, let’s dive in to how we sent our time in town.

Granted, we went for a pretty touristy experience, so be forewarned that there are a decent amount of witch-related items in my city guide. We spent most of our 24 hours around the Essex Street Mall, so next time I go I want to make it down by the water to see what else the town has to offer. Share any recommendations in the comments!

Where to stay

city guide salem

The kind folks at Lark Hotels hosted us at The Merchant for our night in Salem, and we could not have asked for a more perfect place to lay our heads. The space was gorgeous, the rooms divine and the location perfect. The Merchant is just across the street from the Essex Street Mall and the rest of downtown Salem. You can read more on our stay here.

Where to eat and drink

City Guide Salem

  • Gulu Gulu Cafe – We came here for a light lunch once we arrived in town. Gulu Gulu offers great healthy options … and a few less healthy ones … and even has open mic nights some days! We got (and loved) The Cranasaurus Rex salad, The Essjay wrap and the Mediterranean Dip Trio. Yum!
  • Bambolina – This was place was AH-MAZING and I’m still dreaming of my meal. My arch nemesis dear friend and former roommate recommended it, and I’m so glad she did. We devoured the Morty pizza and Risotto of Wild Mushrooms. Plus, it’s such a cozy setting.
  • Ugly Mug Diner – I wasn’t sure if I’d put this on the list or not, but I did (obviously since you’re reading it). I read good things but was underwhelmed by my meal (lox eggs benedict) but my sister loved her’s (Elvis waffle). My eggs and home fries were room temperature, which made me think that maybe they weren’t super fresh, but nothing was horrible. We went at a strange time – 10AM on a Wednesday – so I would give it at least one more try during a busier time to see if the food would be a bit more fresh.
  • Jolie Tea Company – If you’re looking for a quaint place to pick up a cup of tea as you explore all that Salem has to offer, Jolie Tea Company is the place for you. They have what seems like infinite tea options and the employees are fabulously friendly!
  • A&J King Artisan Bakers – If you want to detox during your trip, DO NOT stop by A&J King Artisan Bakers. If you want to indulge in heaven, DO pick up one million of their walnut sticky buns. Total perfection!
  • Melita Fiore – French pastries and a gorgeous interior make Melita Fiore a must-eat pastry shop in Salem. Who knew there would be so many amazing places to eat your weight in baked goods in town?

What to do and see

city guide salem

  • Hocus Pocus Tours – This 90-minute walking tour does a great job of mixing history and ghost stories. You will learn a lot about what happened during 1692 and the witch trials and get a couple of ghost stories to satisfy your spooky craving. The tour guide Susan and her husband are obviously passionate about Salem and love providing their customers with an exceptional tour.
  • Crow Haven Corner – So I have nothing to compare it against, but we had a great tarot card reading experience with Nickolas at Crow Haven Corner. As a tarot card virgin, I had a fun time hearing about my alleged future, plus, you leave with a customized “mojo bag.” What more could a girl ask for? Plus, while in Salem, you have to do something magic-y, right?!
  • Salem Witch Museum –  Salem With Museum is the perfect place to go if you want to learn the abridged version of the witch trials and the evolution of witches and their portrayal in media/society. The entire experience takes about 45 minutes and involves approximately 50 giant stuffed Puritan townspeople dolls. Or maybe they’re statues?
  • Essex Street Mall – This is the main drag of the “downtown” Salem tourists come to see. It’s lined with magic and souvenir shops, but it also boasts the Peabody Essex Museum, which is supposed to be amazing. While I don’t think you need to spend a lot of time on the mall, it’s worth a stroll.
  • Ropes Mansion – AKA Allison’s house from Hocus Pocus. As if this one needs an explanation … stop by, pose for a few pictures and imagine that the Sanderson sisters are out to get you.
  • The Witch House –  Former home of witch trials Judge Jonathan Corwin, The Witch House is the allegedly the only structure still standing with direct ties with the witch trials. You get to walk around the house, read about the trials and check out what life looked like in 1692 – spoiler alerts, the beds don’t look like they were too comfortable. It’s not necessarily action-packed, but an interesting sight for the history buffs.
  • Salem With Trials Memorial – The memorial can be a very somber stop on your trip. There are 20 stone benches – 19 to represent those hanged and 1 to represent the man pressed to death during the witch trials. Each bench is inscribed with the name of the deceased and the date of their execution. Not necessarily uplifting, but worth a visit.
  • StickWork – Built in 2015 by sculptor Patrick Dougherty, StickWork is a temporary (sadly) installation featuring five structures built from Norway maple, striped maple, sweet pepper bush, American buckthorn and beech. You can walk through the structures and marvel – how on earth did they construct them?!

Where to shop

City Guide Salem Shop

We didn’t do a whole lot of shopping while in Salem, so you’re left with only two recommendations. #sorrynotsorry

  • HausWitch – Magicy stuff + impossibly cool interior design stuff = HausWitch. That’s basically all I really need to say. I wish I could move in right this second.
  • Roost & Company – It’s like the non-commercial Paper Store. Cards, cookbooks, random trinkets and local jewelry grace the store shelves. I even bought a card that reads “I love you more than french fries.” I plan to give the card to myself as I eat french fries.

What to know

City Guide Salem

  • People in Salem take the witch trials very seriously. When you actually think about the trials – 19 innocent people were hanged – it’s pretty devastating. There’s more to Salem than just cheesy ghost stories, so take a moment to learn about the history – I’m sure you’ll be able to find some to talk to you about it.
  • There is a serious off season. It seems like most of the stores/museums open up in May and are open until the end of the fall. If you go earlier in the year like we did, you don’t have to deal with the tourists, but you also don’t get all of the options. While I would still advise against visiting in October, I bet Salem in the late spring or early summer would be fabulous.

Rumor has it

City Guide Salem Rumor Has It

We didn’t get to do as much as I anticipated during our 24 hours, so I didn’t get to check these out. I can’t promise these are amazing, but the internet rates them highly, so they might be worth the gamble.

Tell me: Have you ever been to Salem before?

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