February has come and gone and March has arrived, which means it’s time for another update on what I’m currently reading, listening to and watching. I’m sure you were waiting on pins and needles. In case you missed it, volume 1 can be found here.

Currently Reading

I started Behold the Dreamers in January but wrapped it up in February. It’s a story of a couple who immigrates to America from Cameroon and follows their journey over a few years. It’s such a touching story, and while it made me sad, it’s beautiful at the same time.

After that, I read My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward and finished it in about a week. It’s a memoir about a husband and his wife as she battles with mental illness. Some extreme mental illness runs in my family and what happens to this couple is basically my worst nightmare, so I found it comforting to hear their experience and see how they continue to make the best of a challenging situation.

At the end of the month, I started Little Fires Everywhere. I didn’t wrap it up until March, so you’ll have to wait another month to hear my thoughts on this one.

Currently Listening

You most likely know that I started Atlanta Monster in February, and I have continued listening through February. The series is still going and I’m not sure when it will wrap. It’s from the same producer of Up & Vanished, but I can’t seem to get into is as much as I did U&V. I’m not sure what it is, I’m just slowly losing interest.

Currently Watching

I can not get enough of the documentary Tabloid. It’s the most insane story that involves Mormonism, adult napping and cloned dogs. The alleged kidnapper is bonkers – she both greatly fascinates me and also terrifies me at the same time. Her manic laugh gives me nightmares, but I also need to meet her IRL.

In that same true crime vein, I finally rented My Friend Dahmer. If you haven’t picked up on it by now, I’m super fascinated by murder and especially serial killers. I’m not pro-murder, I am just curious about what drives people to murder and how nature and nurture play into that action. My Friend Dahmer studies Jeffrey Dahmer’s life before he killed his first of 17 victims.

I also started and finished the HBO series Girls, which is a show I used to intentionally avoid. I’m not the biggest Lena Dunham fan and expected to hate the show. Interestingly enough, I ended up loving it despite hating all but two of the characters with a burning passion. I think Ray and Shosh are the only two characters worth a damn and I want to punch the rest of them in the face.

We also started watching The Sopranos, another show I expected to hate but ended up enjoying. It’s far less violent than I expected and doesn’t glamorize the mafia as much as I imagined. It’s more of a study of Tony Soprano and how he deals with his lifestyle. On one note though, I think his therapist is horrible at her job and I would like, just once, for a show to present an actually ethical, helpful therapist.


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