Buongiorno from Naples! We’re in Naples for the evening on the way back from a fabulous week in Capri with my family. Our villa rental was up today, but we don’t fly back until Boston until tomorrow (Sunday) morning. This will post on Monday, so we’ll already be home … fingers crossed for no major travel delays.

I obviously love traveling to new cities and countries …. as you can see here, here, here, here and here …. to name a few. And while you can expect a post about Capri coming soon that will chat about what we loved, there are a few things I miss about the States when I’m away. I hope no one takes offense, these are just my creature comforts I wish I could take with me when I travel abroad.

The AC

Americans love their AC, and I am not an exception to the rule. I prefer to blast the AC inside and wrap up in layers as needed. I really only like to sweat when I’m working out. It can be very hard to find AC when traveling in Europe. And oftentimes the AC is just not powerful enough for my American soul. I really don’t understand how Europe doesn’t melt into on giant puddle. Heck, I even keep the AC on straight into winter.

The Water

There are a few things I miss about the water in the US. One – the ice. GIVE ME ICE WATER OR GIVE ME DEATH. Europe apparently doesn’t like cold rooms or cold water. Second – the amount. I swear Europe has the smallest glasses known to man kind. When I’m drinking water, I want my glass to be at least a solid 16 ounces, please and thank you. Plus, I miss the non-stop water refills at American restaurants. Just trying to stay hydrated over here. Third – the cost. Of course there are places you can easily get tap water, but a lot of restaurants don’t offer it and won’t serve it. I will never get used to paying for bottled still water at restaurants.

The Mattresses

Europe, please come to terms with the fact that two twin beds squished together do not make a true queen bed. I hate that pesky gap in the middle. And on top of the seemingly lack of large mattresses in Europe, most I’ve slept on just aren’t as cozy and comfortable as standard mattresses back home. A lot of time it feels like I’m sleeping on a box spring. Just give me a pillow-top mattress, please.

The Customer Service

We just got back from a cafe where the waitstaff couldn’t give two fucks that we were there to order drinks. I’m accustomed to being treated like royalty most places where I’m paying for anything, so it’s hard for me to adjust to the European style of customer service, which is typically slow and no-nonsense at best. You don’t even have to treat me like royalty, at least politely acknowledge that I exist. Maybe?


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