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Fall and winter dressing is my jam. I don’t give two figs about summer shorts or breezy tops, but give me a winter hat and a chunky knit sweater and I’m one happy lady. The more layers you give me, the more festive I get. My go-to way to style my favorite chunky knit sweaters is pretty basic – skinny jeans and a pair of flats to balance out how oversized my sweaters are.

In an attempt to spice up my dressing routine, I’ve discovered two other ways to style my chunky knit sweaters over the past year. I’m sure everyone already knew about these options and I’m just late to the game.

1. With flared jeans and heeled boots

Flare Jeans and Oversized Sweater Flare Jeans and Oversized Sweater Flare Jeans and Oversized Sweater Flare Jeans and Oversized Sweater

When I first tested this outfit I was worried the flared jeans would be too much with an oversized sweater, I thought I would look like I was swimming in fabric and 1,000 pounds. I thought I had to have really skinny jeans to balance out the size of the sweater, but I think this worked out anyways. You can see the full look in my original post here.

Hat Similar | Sweater Similar | Jeans Similar | Boots Similar | Coat Similar  

2.With a skirt and converse

You might notice this outfit from just a few weeks ago. It obviously took me almost a year to find another way to style this chunky knit sweater. I love how the texture of the sweater pairs with the texture of the velvet skirt and allows the bold pink to pop.

Skirt Evereve | Sweater Pac Sun (similar) | Shoes Converse | Sunglasses Loft

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