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I haven’t actually written about it here yet, but I’m currently on a shopping ban until the end of March. No new clothes, beauty items or random shit from stores I wander in to. So far I’ve made it through my entire first month without cracking. I’ve purchased two items – brow pencil and waterline – but they don’t break the ban since I ran out and didn’t have any backup products in my beauty closet. Yes, I have a beauty closet.

You could claim this shopping ban is some spiritual journey, but really it’s just a desperate move to save more money. A the very end of 2016 I went a bit shopping crazy, so my credit card needed a major detox. In reality I don’t need anything, so I figured it would be worthwhile to go without (shopping) for a while.

And while I’ve been having a relatively easy time sans shopping, I’ve found a few items that I have my eye on and plan to maybe snatch up come the end of March. Randomly, they’re all shoes. Here’s to hoping that at least one of the pairs will still be available on April 1st.

My Current Wish List

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