Inner Divine gifted me with a bracelet. All opinions are my own

You guys, my friend did a thing. Amanda Corlis, one of my oldest friends from high school, started her own Etsy store  (Inner Divine) of handmade healing beads and organic sugar scrubs. Amanda and I have been friends through highs and lows, so it’s exciting to see her launch her own business and succeed.

Inner Divine Healing BandsInner Divine Healing Bands

I was touched when Amanda custom made me a Sovereign Elegance bracelet and sent it to me as a surprise. I love the African Opal stones – they remind me of little mini globes and I love the colors. I’ve been wearing it a lot lately and can’t get enough of it. You might have noticed it in this outfit post.

Inner Divine Healing Bands Inner Divine Healing Bands

I think you all would love Amanda just as much as I do, so I figured we’d have a little chat. I left out all of the embarrassing stories of high school me I’m sure she would like to include. Enjoy the Q&A with Amanda!

Styling Over the Knee Boots Styling Over the Knee Boots

How long have you been in business?

I’m a rookie. But I’d like to say that I’ve had this idea in my heart my entire life.

Amanda Corliss of Inner Divine

What inspired you to start your brand?

I lived on an ashram for a month out in California while I was becoming a yoga teacher and was introduced to the power of crystals and gemstones. Out in Nevada City, the town is full of very spiritual and positively guided humans and something just sort of clicked when I walked into Crystal Rainbow (the stone store in the quaint little town). I wanted to bring this spiritual nature with me back to the east coast; the easy going, earth conscience, almost divine human character that is very hard to find in such transient cities. Perhaps it was the people of Nevada City that inspired me. Or perhaps it was just connecting back to the Earth that really moved me.

What is the story behind the name “Inner Divine” and your products?

When you go to search for gemstones, something inside of you draws you to a certain stone. Some little voice makes that stone twinkle just a bit brighter than the others. That’s how you know that beautiful rock is yours – or whatever your spirit needs at that time in your life. When you search the word “divine” definitions come up such as “of God” or “like a God”. That same little voice inside of you that called upon that shiny stone, that is your Inner Divine.

Inner Divine Healing Bands

What’s your favorite product?

I’m a huge fan (although biased) of my bracelets. While this is just the beginning, as I’ve also branched out to making 100% organic sugar scrubs, (and soon candles, and soaps, and lotions, and ANNND!) I’d have to say these simple yet elegant little pieces will always be closest to my heart.


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