Thanksgiving is tomorrow and as soon as Friday rolls around, winter is unofficially here … or at least I think so. I actually really enjoy winter in Boston …. for the first month. After a month of two, the winter starts to get a bit tiring, but if you know how to take advantage of the cold months you can make the best of it. Two of my favorite Boston winter activities are ice skating at the Frog Pond and drinking all the french hot chocolate in town.

I’ve teamed up with several other Boston bloggers to share the 10 best Boston winter activities. Hopefully you’ll be able to find something new to help you beat the winter blues this year.

boston winter activities

1. Go Out for Hot Chocolate

I love going to Met Bar and trying all their hot chocolate flavors and if I’m allowed to share one thing outside of Boston I love visiting the Newport Mansions while they are decorated for Christmas. – Tess Felber Sequins are the New Black 

I love meeting up with friends and family for a decadent hot chocolate and pastries at LA Burdick! It’s nestled on the cutest corner of Newbury Street and is such a cute spot to sit and watch the snow fall from the window with a hot latte after a day of holiday shopping. – Elissa Garza Style Wire

boston winter activities

2. Spend the Day at the Museums

I’m not a huge outdoor activities kind of gal during the winter (sledding is as extreme as I get!). That’s why I love visiting the Museum of Fine Arts. What better way to stay warm indoors while enjoying the many exhibits that the museum has to offer (the Takashi Murakami exhibit runs through April 1, 2018). – Linda R Trendy on a Budget

I love going to museums during the winter because they’re warm, I’m not much of an outdoor gal under 32 degrees.  But also because I love art and I love to spend hours exploring pieces and analyzing, sketching and experiencing the artworks.  Some museums, like Isabella Stuart Gardner have indoor terrariums and green houses which is always refreshing in snowy weather.  You can easily spend a whole day in a museum if you go to all the exhibitions, and you can even have lunch at their cafes. – Amy Friel Model and Maker

boston winter activities

3. Get Outside for a Walk

I love getting outdoors! Especially if it’s snowing, I love to bundle up and take my dog out for a long walk. There’s something magical about Boston in the snow! – Alyssa Feathers and Stripes

boston winter activities

4. Head to City Hall Plaza for “Boston Winter”

I love Boston in all seasons, even Winter. There are amazing things to do regardless of the weather but I think the fact that “Boston Winter” at City Hall Plaza is coming back again this year is amazing and so super fun. There are also the small things that are best appreciated when we’re in the depths of frigid New England like a hot chocolate at Max Brenner. – Amanda Light Prim and Propah

boston winter activities boston winter activities

5. Experience the Holiday Strolls

Stroll Beacon Hill! It’s my favorite Boston neighborhood in just about any season, but there’s something extra pretty about it in the winter, especially when it’s decorate for the holidays. – Emily Fanning Shell Chic’d

Hit the Holiday Strolls! I love visiting New England towns for their local Holiday Strolls, cocoa in hand. Santa arrives via lobster boat in both Nantucket and (easier-to-get-to) Marblehead. The North End Holiday Stroll is filled with Boston holiday magic. Woodstock, Vermont and Portsmouth New Hampshire are also perfect for a little pre-holiday getaway. It’s a great way to experience New England, and possibly get some deals on your holiday shopping. – Kristen The Boston Fashionista

boston winter activities

6. Shop for Gifts at Plant Shops

I love shopping locally for gifts, especially at florists and plant shops. My favorites are Brattle Square Florist, Observatory Boutique, and Niche. Giving people gifts such as plants that don’t just feel like more “stuff” is really important to me as I’m working on being more minimal – but also supporting local always! – Nishat Khan Nishat Nguyen

boston winter activities

7. Snuggle up for a Drink at a Cocktail Bar

I love hanging out in a cozy cocktail lounge, because once the cold months hit you want to feel comfortable, but I do not want to miss hanging out with my friends. Finding a place where you can take the time and chat and feel comfortable is important. – Gabby Mbeki  First & Warren

boston winter activities

8. Eat your way through Eataly

It can get pretty frigid walking around the city in the winter, so for that reason I love to explore inside! Since Eataly opened it’s my favorite one stop shop during the winter months. You get the comfort of hearty Italian food, you can browse around and pick up fresh ingredients to take home with you to make an amazing meal at home because going out in the winter isn’t always at the top of your list. I also love that you can just relax and drink hot chocolate or eat tasty gelato – bonus since you’re at the mall you can always browse after you’re fully satiated! – Biana B~loved Boston

Snow Day Outfit Remix

9. Go Skating at the Frog Pond

It’s sort of cheesy, but I love ice skating on Frog Pond. It’s so pretty, especially around the holidays, and I usually go once every year. I’m a terrible ice skater, so I’m sure it’s funny to watch, but even if I just fall or only end up actually skating for just twenty minutes, it’s so much fun. It really gets you in the winter spirit…and it’s a great way to pass the loooong winter nights! – Kara Bostonista

During the first winter I spent in Boston, my now husband took me ice skating on Frog Pond in the Boston Common as a surprise. I know it’s kitschy and a little tourist-y, but something about being in a park with so much history, all decked out for the holidays felt magical to me. It’s one of my favorite Boston holiday must-do’s! – Natalie Mazzarella Poulakos Wear You Are Now

10. Create a Cozy Box

During the winter months in Boston, if I’m out, I like to find places with a fireplace to enjoy a cozy vibe and warm up (I’ll sometimes call ahead and ask if a place by the fire is open!). I do actually enjoy staying in and coming home during the winter months, and to make it more fun, the idea of the Cozy Box was born. I recently gave one as a gift, and in it, one can keep a cute set of tea cups, a special plate for your favorite treat of the moment, hot cocoa mix, a cozy blanket, moisturizing balm, and this cheery book called The Tiny Book of Tiny Pleasures (a check list of things you appreciate and can do with friends or a spouse.) Cozy chic is the way I like to roll, and I think keeping something like the Cozy Box around as a fun go-to surprise for when it is just TOO cold is the way to go! – Sanae F Where the BlueBoots Go 


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