It’s Monday morning, which means most of America’s adults are in desperate need of coffee. Believe it or not, I don’t actually like coffee. I love the smell but hate the taste. Since I have zero coffee insight for you, I’ve teamed up with a bunch of lovely local bloggers to share our votes for the best Boston coffee shops. Oh yea … and I weighed in on the best hot chocolate.

Cold weather dressing

Ula Café

“It’s my cozy neighborhood spot! I love their iced vanilla chai, the atmosphere, and the people. You’d be hard-pressed to find a happier team of people! My favorites are the iced vanilla chai and literally any of their savory biscuits (so tasty!)” -Gabriella Valladares By Gabriella

Ogawa Coffee

“The coffee is amazing and their latte art program is run by the first female World Latte Art Champion. She came from Japan to open their first international location and I always thought it was very cool they picked the city of Boston for that. My go-to drink is their cappuccino, which they’ve perfected.” – Robbin Watson of @RobbinWatson

Thinking Cup

“I love the coffee for one, the ambiance is lovely and it’s a hop and a skip away from my hair salon which makes it the perfect recharge station when I’m on Newbury St. You’ll find me sipping on an iced vanilla latte with soy milk, delish!” – Amanda Prim and Propah

“The coffee is absolutely amazing (Stumptown Coffee). They have this delicious vanilla ginger latte which is my absolute favorite. They will also draw an adorable heart into your coffee if you order a hot cup, which who doesn’t love that? They also have really great sandwiches and my favorite chia seed pudding that I’ve tried (very picky about chia seed puddings). They also have a great atmosphere and it feels cozy inside. My favorite drink is the vanilla ginger latte, and my favorite food is their chia seed pudding.” – Anna Harrington Day to Day Mae 

“I love the cozy environment at all of the Thinking Cup locations … but I don’t always love the crazy crowds. They offer some very scrumptious food options, but my go-to-drink is their French hot chocolate. It’s out of this world! It’s the most decadent thing to ever grace your taste buds” – Yours truly

Best Boston Coffee Shops

Espresso Love

“They use flavored beans for their hazelnut coffee and it’s just the amount of strength! I love their black hazelnut iced coffee.” – Tess Felber Sequins are the New Black

Crema Café

“First of all, the coffee is awesome. Beyond that, the staff is really sweet, the atmosphere is cozy, the food is super yummy. My go-to items are the latte and scones. Yum.” – Kaitlin Red Hair and Freckles


“I love the delicious pastries and good coffee drinks. I especially love all of their fruit tarts.” – Elissa Style Wire

“They have one of my favorite lattes in the city and it doesn’t hurt that it reminds me of being in Paris. The aesthetic is so fun! My absolute favorite drink is their latte.” – Biana Perez B~Loved Boston

Boston Coffee Shops


“When I moved to Boston for college there was a small number of coffee shops called Espresso Royale, but fast forward seven years and they evolved into Pavement Coffeehouse with six locations around the city. While the location near Northeastern University (my alma mater) will always have a special place in my heart, it also gives me finals-PTSD. The Fenway location is one of the newer ones, and it has the kind of high ceilings that make you consider moving into a warehouse. Their coffee is wonderful, but the house-made bagels and pastries (lots of vegan options!) really keep me coming back for more. This shop is also across the street from City Target, which makes for the perfect weekend retail therapy session. My favorites are the vanilla death cream (cold brew with house-made vanilla sweet cream) and there’s a bagel sandwich with smoked gruyere and pepper jelly.” – Madeline Heising A Graduated Kitchen

George Howell Coffee

“The first coffee I ever had from there was the spiced pumpkin latte. I don’t like anything pumpkin flavored and this immediately changed my mind. It was so delicious! If I could have it year round it would be the Spiced Pumpkin Latte. But my go to order is a regular coffee with almond milk.” – Alexa Alexa M Johnson

Café Madeline

“We went to Paris on our honeymoon last year, and now I’m always on the hunt for little reminders of our time in France. Café Madeline is a little hole in the wall in the South End that I’ve been missing for years — now I can’t resist stopping by for a latte and treat anytime I’m within a mile of it. My favorites are the latte and un pain au chocolat.” – Emily Fanning shell chic’d

Best Boston Coffee Shop


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