If you’ve been reading this here blog in 2017, you might know I’m on a journey (doesn’t that sound fancy) to get back to a weight at which I’m more comfortable before I turn 30 in April 2018. At that point I mentioned wanting to lose 10 pounds to get to that place. Weellll I was very lazy for a couple of months after that post and the 10 pounds turned into 16.

Wellness Milestones

Over the past month or so, I’ve decided if I want to make this a reality, I need to get back into my groove and get my eating and exercise habits under control. Rather than focus on how far I still have to go, I figured I’d celebrate a few wellness milestones with you. I’m hoping this will encourage me to stay on track and also possibly encourage you all to put extra focus on your health and wellness.

I lost three pounds

So far I’ve lost three pounds, which means I now have 13 pounds to lose. That means I’m about a a fifth of the way to my goal. I’m disappointed I’m not further along, but I am proud that not only did I not gain weight on my family trip to Capri, but I lost weight. Granted, it was just under a pound, but still. Losing weight in pasta heaven isn’t something to scoff at. And to top it off, I still enjoyed delicious Italian food during my trip and didn’t deprive myself.

I worked out on vacation

For some people, this might be a given. Of course you would work out on vacation. But for me, I almost never do. I’ll bring my workout gear with the best intentions, but then they accumulate dust in the closet. During my week in Capri, I did three dedicated workouts. Going from zero vacation workouts to three is a huge step for me, and I hope next time to do even more.

I ran further than before

In addition to strength training, I also run one or two times a week. Over the weekend I decided to try to run without stopping for longer than I have in the past few months. Much to my surprise, I was able to easily run the distance and even went further than my goal. There is a 5k race coming up in the next town over and I might sign up for it with a few friends. Don’t hold me to that, though.

I tried Bikram yoga

I’ve said since college I would never do Bikram yoga because I absolutely hate the heat. Guess what? In August I took TWO Bikram yoga classes. Granted, I didn’t totally know the class was a 90-minute Bikram class before I showed up for the first class, but then I signed up for a second willingly. It’s much different than the vinyasa flow classes I’m used to, but I was surprised that I enjoyed it. I’m not sure I’ll be going every week, but it’s nice to know there is another exercise option out there for me.


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