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Hello from Vancouver, Canada, ladies and gentlemen. I am writing this post from my hotel room bed as I eat Cadbury and watch Full House reruns on Netflix. It’s a very glamorous life on the road, I tell you. I figured there was no time like the present, while traveling, to share with you what I pack in my travel liquid toiletry bag. 3-1-1 check, here we come!

what's in my travel liquid toiletry bag

When traveling, I almost always stick to a carry-on-only rule. This means I have no checked bags, which also means that all of my liquids must be under three fluid ounces and fit in a one quart ziplock back. I heart myself some skin care, hair care and makeup products, which means I have to cut back on the unlimited number of products I’d like to bring.

So here is a list of what’s currently in my travel liquid toiletry bag (in mini form!):

Hair Care

Skin Care


So you might be thinking, what about other classic liquids like toothpaste, makeup remover, foundation and mascara? A TSA agent once told me that mascara doesn’t really count towards the liquid allotment and that I can keep it in my normal makeup bag, so I do. I haven’t gotten in trouble yet, so I’ll keep doing that until I get detained by TSA.

Most hotels have toothpaste if you ask at guest services, so I save space and just get it when I check in. I forgo my daily liquid foundation for a powder foundation and micellar water for micellar water wipes while traveling, but more on that in a future post on my travel (dry) toiletry bag. And voila – these are all of the necessary (some not so necessary) liquid toiletry items I bring with my while traveling.

Tell me: What do you pack in your 3-1-1 liquid toiletry bag?