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I know, I know. How dare I share my first gift guide of the year so early?! Here’s how I dare — I’ve already started my shopping (for others and myself) and I think everyone should too. If you’re done shopping before Thanksgiving, you can just enjoy the holiday festivities for the entire month of December. So here we go — my travel gift guide for the women wanderluster in your life.

These are some items I swear by and some that I’m lusting after for my upcoming travels. Let’s break it out into very organized categories, shall we?


Not all baggage is bad baggage. Take for example this carry-on suitcase. It’s the only bag I’ve traveled with for the past two years and I can’t get enough. It has seen me through short trips for just a couple of days and a two-week jaunt through Europe. Plus, it fits carry-on size regulations in both the US and Europe, so it can travel with you everywhere.

I used to travel with a tote bag as my second carry-on item but I switched to a backpack two years ago. It makes maneuvering around much easier (look ma — two free hands!) and I can squeeze more items in backpacks than totes. These two are great options — one for smaller trips or exploring towns and one for larger trips or travel days.

To make packing easier, I use packing cubes. One for my clothes, one for my underwear and one for hair gadgets, etc. They keep things so much more organized and easy to handle. No more messy suitcases here, folks.

To also keep things organized in my suitcase, I use these bags to separate my shoes and dirty laundry from the rest of my items. It keeps dirt from getting on everything else and my laundry from stankin’ up the rest of my clothes.

And we’re still on the topic of organization — I keep two toiletry bags (both dry and liquid) packed at all times so I can grab them and go at the drop of a hat. I use a hanging toiletry bag for my dry items (saves counter space) and a clear TSA-approved size bag for my liquid items.

Travel Accessories

A frequent flyer (or driver or train-er) can’t travel without some jazzy accessories. I don’t get on a flight without my noise-cancelling headphones or my eye mask. Blocking out all noise and light comes in majorly clutch when trying to enjoy your negative personal space on a plane.

I also never leave home without at least one external battery for my phone. Literally doing anything on my iPhone drains the battery rapidly, so I like to have an extra charge within arms reach at all time. I’m a big fan of mophies, but how adorable is this pig charger?!

To stay hydrated while traveling I always bring my own refillable water bottle. Nothing says opulence like an overprice water bottle, am I right? And even if you’re carrying on your bags, it’s always important to have a luggage tag … and extra points if you have a matching passport cover.


Traveling comfortably doesn’t mean you can’t travel in style. With a fey key items, you’ll look like an off-duty celebrity while trying not to lose your cool over a delayed flight. Jeggings will have you sitting pretty and an oversized poncho is perfect for keeping warm on the freezing cold plane.

Slip-on sneakers make getting through security easier and I’m smitten with classic Converse and these amazing leopard Uggs. And if you can’t be bothered to wash your hair one day, a super trendy baseball cap will hide your dirty little hair secrets.

Beauty Items

Travel can be fun, but it can take a toll on your skin. I always make sure to be extra sensitive to my face while traveling. I always carry face wipes to help remove makeup on the go or freshen up after a flight and bring a powerful cleansing/moisturizing duo. And it might seem over the top, but I always take my favorite Sunday Riley night duo with me for red eye flights or days when I need a little extra-extra TLC.

When you have the time to wash your hair while traveling, I always recommend Living Proof Perfect Hair Day. And when you don’t have time to wash your hair, I always recommend the dry shampoo from the product line. And if you’re wondering why the hell lavender oil is on my list … try sprinkling a little on your pillowcase in the hotel. It will help you drift off to sleep and make your room seem like a spa.

Tell me: What travel items are on your wish list this year?

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