I have this problem where I just want to go everywhere in the entire world. EVERYWHERE, I tell you! A girl can dream, but there are some places I’ve been dreaming about longer than others – my ultimate travel bucket list. Let’s just assume everywhere is on my list, but these are my top eight destinations (in no particular order).

Grand Canyon


I like hiking and I like looking at really really large things in nature, so naturally the Grand Canyon is a must for me. I imagine myself riding a horse throughout the Canyon, but I’m not sure if that will be a reality or not. I’m pretty sure I got that idea from an episode of The Brady Bunch.

Red Wood Forests


I love trees. Like really fucking love trees – I love climbing trees, sitting under trees, looking at trees. Given that love, it’s only natural that I need to take a pilgrimage to the Red Wood Forests in California. I need to become one with the trees.


Most people think Alaska sounds horrible, but there is something mysterious about it to me. I’d most likely want to go during the summer, when the lush green scenery is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous, and I would want to explore the wilderness without a guide. I’m sure so much of it isn’t untouched by humans, but when I make it, I’ll pretend it is. #wishfulthinking

Paris, France


I’ve been infatuated with the French language and the idea of Paris since 6th grade when I started taking French classes at school. I kept up French classes until I graduated college, but will you believe that I have yet to travel to France? I travesty, I know. I can’t wait for the day when I get to practice my very rusty French while sitting outside of a cafe on a summer evening.

South Africa


Up until about age 15 I was convinced I would be the next Jane Goodall. I wanted to be a primatologist and live in the jungles of South Africa. That dream obviously didn’t become a reality since I’m now a tech marketer in Boston, but I still dream about visiting South Africa and going on safari/roaming the jungles. This is really a dream to explore all of Africa, but I’m aware that’s an entire continent and I may want to start narrowing my goals a bit …



Ever since I was little, I’ve been intrigued by Eastern culture – the landscape, the people and the religion. Something about life in Asia seems so foreign to Western life, that I imagine feeling like I’m in a different world once there. Plus, I really like Japanese food, the ultimate reason to travel to any destination.



Similar to the reasons I’ve mentioned above in the Japan section, I want to go to Thailand to experience it’s rich culture. Plus, I love Thai food and I’ve heard they have INSANE beaches. Nothing goes together better than indulging in food and rocking a bathing suit, right?



To be honest, I have no idea when/why this infatuation started. I just know I’ve always thought it would be awesome to explore Cuba, and now that that’s a real option, I want to go before all those tourists (like myself) ruin it.

I’ve already crossed off two {former} bucket list destinations this year – Hawaii and New Orleans – and I might get to cross of two more bucket list items before ringing in 2017. I don’t want to jinx it, so I refuse to disclose which ones they are.

Tell me: What locations are on your travel bucket list?

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