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This giveaway is now closed. This is why. Why I smile. Why I stress. Why I live. Why I love. Why I push. Why I pull back. Why I do. Why I don’t. Why I am. This is #WhyIYoga.

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I’m not a serious yogi, but I do love to attend one class a week if possible. I like how it brings balance to my other workouts – running and weightlifting. I grew up as a gymnast and didn’t have to pursue working out on my own until I went to college. Working out was always part of my daily life but I didn’t really “workout” — I just went to practice. So over the past ten years I’ve explored all sorts of workouts to find what works best for me.

Spin was never really my thing and I have mixed feelings about barre. I like running … for 30 minutes at a time… and weightlifting for how strong and powerful they make me feel. While I do feel strong after a solid warrior pose, I also like how yoga stretches me out and makes me feel physically balanced. But the real reason #WhyIYoga is because it helps bring me inner calmness. During practice I can focus on my breath and the poses and calm whatever stressful or negative thoughts are plaguing me.

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