I love getting me nails done professionally. I always feel so fancy having someone else work on my nails. Like I’m the queen of the world. But, manicures don’t often come cheap, so I find them an easy beauty routine to save money on. I’m always giving myself an at-home manicure.

at-home manicure

I’d much rather have a pro handle my brows and haircuts and paint my nails at home. Plus, I find giving myself a manicure relaxing. There is almost nothing better than going on a Netflix binge and changing up the color of your mani. Who doesn’t love that! But I know not everyone feels like they’ve mastered the at-home manicure just yet. I hope these five tried-and-true tips will turn you into a pro in no time.

1. Less is more

Nails dry faster if you apply multiple thin coats as applied to fewer thick coats. I typically aim for three thin coats and wait a minute or two between each coat. If a shade is really opaque, I’ll only apply two coats.

2. Protect your polish

Use a heavy-duty top coat (make sure to run it across the tips too!) to prevent your polish from chipping. I like Seche Vite and Revlon Extra Life top coat.

3. Take an ice-cold bath

Speed up your dry time between coats by running your nails under ice-cold water. I don’t know the scientific explanation here, but I can tell you it helps polish dry quicker.

4. Take a hot shower

Paint your nails before your next shower. Once your nails are dry, hop in the shower and the warm water will remove any polish on your skin.

5. Reapply top coat

Re-apply top coat every couple of days. This always prolongs chipping and maintains my manicure for longer.

I hope you are able to use at least one of these tips during your next at-home manicure. Because let’s be honest, there is nothing a little nail polish (and maybe a cocktail) can’t fix. Am I right?!

Tell me: How often do you give yourself an at-home manicure?

1 Comment on 5 Tips for a Better At-home Manicure

  1. Cara
    August 11, 2016 at 10:06 pm (6 years ago)

    My biggest challenge with an at-home manicure is painting my right hand since I am a righty!