Hello there, final day of 2016. You look well. I have no idea how I’ll be spending this final day of the year, so I won’t wax poetic about my plans. Instead, I’ll wax poetic about my 2016 highlights.

Ringing in 2017 with 2016 Highlights

I know a lot of people who are happy to see 2016 go. Between celebrity deaths, personal struggles and world affairs, there are plenty of reasons to think 2016 was rubbish. And sure, those things were real and not always fabulous, but there was also a lot of good that happened during 2016. I choose to focus on those instead. So join me in bidding 2016 adieu by celebrating my 16 It’s Kristin highlights of 2016.

My 2016 Highlights
  1. Ringing in the New Year in Hawaii – my first trip to Hawaii (of my life and of the year) was a fabulous 10 days on the Big Island and it couldn’t have been better. Another highlight was spending a week in Kailua with my family in August, but I haven’t posted that yet on here, so just use your imagination.
  2. Sharing tips on dealing with the Sunday Sads – I normally talk about clothes, beauty and other silly frivolous things, so it was nice to talk about something a bit more serious. Maybe I’ll do more of it in 2017.
  3. Being in a cookbook – I’m basically Martha fucking Stewart. My mango salsa recipe was featured in the Wayfair Simply Summer Recipes cookbook.
  4. Relaxing in Plockton for 78 hours – Plockton was by far my favorite stop in our UK/Ireland trip this summer. It’s one of my top travel destinations ever and I need to go back ASAP.
  5. Shopping at Kittery Premium Outlets –  This is a favorite for obvious reasons — aka I love shopping. I was also super jazzed to partner with Simon Property Group — do they even know how many of their malls I’ve patronized?
  6. Exploring New Orleans twice – I went to New Orleans twice this year and blogged about it once. It was fun to explore such a wonderful city, especially on the trip with my childhood best friends.
  7. Pampering at LuxeBeautique –  Who wouldn’t enjoy a facial? This girl sure enjoyed hers at LuxeBeautique this past summer.
  8. Draping myself in Uncommon Goods jewels – I love jewelry and I love Uncommon Goods, so I was overjoyed with we partnered up for a little post.
  9. Solo tripping to Vancouver – My first solo trip ever was the Vancouver in April. Granted it was technically a work trip and I was only solo for two days, but it was still a solo trip so suck it.
  10. Styling a neutral outfit – This is by far my favorite style post of the year. The outfit and the photos are just perfect, not that I’m biased or anything.
  11. Staying at The Merchant – My trip to Salem was fabulous for two reasons: it was with my arch nemesis sister and it marked my first travel partnership. Plus, The Merchant is the most gorgeous hotel ever.
  12. Featuring Boston bloggers — my new series “Behind the Boston Blog” allows me the chance to share the blogger love with other fabulous Boston bloggers. But I’m sure you were able to figure that out from the series title.
  13. Rounding up fun Boston activities – I love Boston and sharing my insider tips when friends come to visit. It was nice to learn a few new tricks from other bloggers when we shared our must-do activities.
  14. Dining with Aceituna Grill – Agnes and I got to spend the afternoon recently feasting at Aceituna Grill with the owners. Not only is the food delicious, but the owners and their team are so friendly.
  15. Rocketing along the Thames – While in London, I partnered with the fabulous people at Thames Rockets to experience their speedy-fast river tours. I had a fabulous time and made a jazzy little video.
  16. Making mango salsa – Mango salsa is my jam, so I enjoyed sharing this so-easy-it-doesn’t-deserve-a-recipe recipe. Plus, it got me in the Wayfair cookbook (see highlight #3).


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