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If I had written this post a month ago, I would have had over 60 nail polishes to write about. My collection was a bit absurd. Not only could I change my polish once a week for more than a year without repeating a color, but at least a third of the polishes were old and unusable. It was a waste of space and I wanted it all gone. Well almost all gone. Now, I’m down to only eight polishes … not including my two bottles of topcoat.

I decided to declutter my collection and only retain my favorite brand of the past year – Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy. With a busier schedule than ever, I have less time to paint my nails and need my manicure to last as long as possible. I’m hard on my nails, and any other polish only lasted a few days before chipping and leaving me looking like a crack whore.

revlon colorstay gel envy

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy typically lasts me a whole week before any visible {to other people} chips appear. Plus, I love that it’s only a two step process – the color has built in base coat – so I can have a fresh at-home manicure in under 30 minutes. And that includes more-than-ample drying time.

revlon colorstay gel envy

The only real downside to the line is the color range. It’s not as expansive as OPI or essie, but they do have the staple colors plus a few extras. I came back from Europe obsessed with only classic clothes, makeup and accessories, so I’m completely ok with the minimal color options. I told myself I wouldn’t buy more polish than would fit in this acrylic stand, so I have two more colors before I need to cut myself off. Decisions, decisions.

Tell me: What is your favorite nail polish brand?