• My Hair Makeover with Toni & Guy Hingham

    My Hair Makeover with Toni & Guy Hingham

    Toni & Guy Hingham gifted me a gift card that covered part of the cost of this hair cut. All opinions are my own. All photos of the salon are by Melissa Ostrow It might be is absolutely vain, but I’m way into my hair. Like most women, I feel irrationally defined by my hair style […] Read more…

  • Little Barn Apothecary

    Recently Discovered and Currently Loving: Little Barn Apothecary

    Back in May I scooted up to Kennebunkport, Maine for a friend’s bachelorette party. Since I’m soooo mature, I came back with a new skin care product rather than a bad hangover and 8000 penis straws. On one of the afternoon, I and a few of the other girls snuck off for massages at Cottage Breeze […] Read more…


  • Dressing down work pants

    Dressing Down Work Pants for the Weekend

    This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. Photos by Nick Cosky Oh look, I’m styling stripes and leopard shoes again like I did here. This time, though, I’m actually bringing in my color with these blush pink pants. I wanted to try something new and challenge myself by dressing down work pants […] Read more…

  • Styling a Black Moto Jacket for Fall

    Styling a Black Moto Jacket for Fall

    This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own You know how certain outfits make you feel a certain way? This outfit makes me feel like a modern witch. I’m not exactly sure why, that’s just the way it is. Accept it. And now that that’s out of the way, let’s chat about styling […] Read more…


  • boston blog trendy on a budget

    Behind the Boston Blog: Trendy on a Budget

    You know how they say that great minds think alike? Well great bloggers style alike. Linda and I styled the exact same chiffon skirt the exact same way … without any planning whatsoever. You can see her take here and mine here. So obviously, Linda is a stylish lady you need to get to know […] Read more…

  • Alexa M Johnson

    Behind the Boston Blog: Alexa M Johnson

    I met Alexa Johnson just over a year ago when we worked for the same company in Boston. I quickly learned that she also ran a Boston blog, so we naturally bonded over our love of hashtags, brand collaborations and local events. Alexa is smart, sassy and stylish. A perfect trio, so let’s get to […] Read more…


  • Reykjavik City Guide

    City Guide: Reykjavik, Iceland (and the Surrounding Area)

    A month ago I was traipsing around Reykjavik, Iceland and the surrounding area with my college roommate. While I sit in a non-Icelandic coffee shop back home, I figured it was time I finally shared my Reykjavik city guide. And since Reykjavik is a teeny tiny city, this guide is going to include everything we […] Read more…

  • Los Angeles City Guide

    City Guide: Los Angeles, California

    Just like my London city guide, I feel a bit like a farce writing this post. LA is a HUGE city and I feel like I only saw a small part of it while in town for work. However, the show must go and and this post must be written … or something like that. […] Read more…


  • My First Skydiving Experience

    My First Skydiving Experience

    All photos and video were taken by and purchased from Skydive Danielson Back in October I went skydiving for the first time every and it was effing AMAZING. My first skydiving experience was so freeing and I can not wait to jump out of a perfectly good plane again. I have been telling anyone who […] Read more…

  • Iceland Travel Guide

    Three Reasons why October was the Best Month Ever

    Hello, friends. This October, while not yet complete, was the best month ever. That might be a bold assertion as earlier months brought me to Newport, Barbados, Barcelona, Capri and more, but I stand by it. I packed in so many lifetime memories into this month, and they can’t be beat. November has a lot […] Read more…